10 Inventions That Can Change The World And Humanity Forever


We may not have flying cars or time machines, but we have some incredible technologies and inventions that are helping to make this world a better place for all. These innovations tend to improve the human conditions in every way possible.

Here are 10 best inventions for welfare of humanity

1. Inventive Power

Here are 10 best inventions for welfare of humanity

Natural gas is the most common fuel source for generating industrial thermal energy, both natural gas, LPG, are fossil fuels whose combustion generates carbon dioxide contributing to climate change. It generates steam for electric power production by a solar thermal energy collector. It reduces  fossil fuel consumption by upto 80%.

This will reduce LPG consumption by more than 50,000 tons over the next 5 years- saving millions of money- reduces carbon dioxide emission by 130,000 tons.

2. An anti-tremor spoon

The Liftware steady spoons cancel out 70% of shaking, allowing many of those with hand tremors to feed themselves.The company was acquired by google and has reduced the price of the products, which helps those with limited arm mobility by helping them when their arm shakes unpredictably. This made eating enjoyable again for the users.

9. Thyssenkrupp elevator

Have you ever seen any elevator which could move in other directions rather than up and down ? Your answer is one and only Thyssenkrupp elevator which is different from other elevators and can move sideways.It can also pass each other within a shaft which reduces our ‘wait times’ and also changes the way buildings are constructed.It has completed all the tests and is going to be set in Berlin soon.

10. Lifestraw water filter

The LifeStraw is a personal straw like filter that is designed for use in emergency situations where we might not get safe drinking water. There are many places in the world where access to clean and safe water is not available so people can use this filter to drink clean and filtered water. Nowadays, a range of products based on this idea is available for hikers and travelers.

So these were the inventions that are benefiting the humanity. Let us know if we missed any other life changing inventions.

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