10 Pictures That Prove Everything You Believed So Far Is Lie


When we are born, we are like a clean slate or an empty disc. As we grow up, this empty disc gets filled as per our observations of the world and things we learn regularly.

Whatever we see regularly, it gets stored in our mind and plays a strong part in or beliefs. But what if one day you get up and know that most of the things you believe and have grown up believing are actually a lie?

Yes, there are actually many things that we have grown up believing but are actually false and lie. The pictures that you are going to see below will prove the same.

1. That fold is not legit

2. Medium = Large?

3. Marketing Bigger Than Size

4. The truth of Cup Maggi

5. + Calcium or 0 Calcium ?

6. You were doing it all wrong all your life

7. The Real way to do it

8. Bear Grylls fooled you all your life

9. You won’t call your Girl Friend Bae after this

10. That Line is a Lie

What are your thoughts on it?

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