10 Selfies That Went Totally Wrong. We Pity Them


These days, people are just CRAZY for selfies; rather than taking normal pics, people prefer taking selfies and uploading them on social media. It’s difficult to not come across people who hate selfies, LOL.

Well, the dependency on others’ is reduced to a great extent and you can take that “special” click yourself. No doubt, you might be damn particular while taking that perfect selfie, but goof-ups do happen at times, agree?

Although you try your best to get a flawless selfie, there are some distractions that you just can’t avoid. Today, we are here to show you some selfies which went horribly wrong. People gave the best of poses, but some elements ruined the picture totally.

Have a look at some;

It would have been a perfect one, but thanks to the man for ruining it!

OMG, why was it so enlarged?

What is the cat doing?

The mirror ruined it!

The focus is something else!

Mom, why did you disturb?

Give him time to prepare at least!

Haha, what’s this?

At least see the place and take!

She’s looking pretty but background?

Haha, we pity them and can understand the pain they must have gone through.

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