12 Most Hilarious Responses To Wrong Number, You’ve Ever Seen


This one is for all the people out there who ask for numbers of unknown people from their friends. Most of us get annoyed when a wrong number messages you, but some of us reply in the most perfect way.

Below are some of the most hilarious ways of how people should respond to such people. Some of these are so funny that you would die of laughing. One has got to commend their witty sense of humor. Go through it, and learn how to give the perfect replies to wrong number creeps.

Wrong picture:
When you wish your girl good morning and ask her to send a picture she was dying to send, well this is what happens if it gets to be a wrong number. You gotta feel sorry for the man!

Harry to the rescue:
Who contacts Harry when he is busy at Hogwarts? Good luck contacting his owl!

Wrong call:
When you finally are confident enough to ask a girl out but it turns out to be a wrong number. Well, it did not go well for this poor man.

Lucky –Lucky guy:
I feel that this guy is the luckiest guy in the world. His luck shines when the girl agrees to send a second one. Who does that once you know that it is a wrong number.

Not looking for Jessica anymore?
Turns out that your friend Jessica is now a man.

What a shock:
You try to contact a long lost friend, but she turns out to be dead. It must have come as a shocker.

Sorry Chris:
The man can’t make it, you gotta change the schedule. But when it is a wrong number, you get kicked out of the damn quartet. He must not have gone for a few days after this.

Escape from single life:
When your imaginary girlfriend messages you “hey baby”. That one second of happiness you get when to escape from your single life.

The wrong Tina:
Imagine you message a girl and expect a normal reply from the other side. But it turns out to be the wrong Tina you were looking for. Damn!

Lost the baby:
She must have at least checked her surrounding for the baby. Where the fuck has the baby gone?

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