13 Pictures That Show Nature Is Actually Terrifying


Nature can be such a delightful thing.Going for hikes and being able to appreciate the glory of all that surrounds us is truly surreal. Strangely, a great many people don’t really acknowledge what is encompassing us, however. That is to say,hikes can be fun and beautiful, but what about some of the animals? The greater part of us have never had the opportunity to experience a wild animal. Indeed, I can let you know that animals aresignificantly more hardcore than we would like to believe, but it’s not because they’re mean, it’s because that’s life! And it’s scary.

1. The rat is just taking a nap in a viper sleeping bag, right?


2. The bearded vulture that mainly eats bones. It. Eats. Bones.


3. One reason NOT to mess with elephants (other than their sheer size).


4. Machine vs. Bull.

I think the bull is winning.


5. The saddleback caterpillar. Not only does it look crazy, but it has a really mean sting.


6. How about the fact that black widows kill snakes? How does this even happen!?


7. Owls: The Real Angels of Death.


8. “Hey man, we’ve got to go!”


9. See that thing in the circle? Yeah, that’s a seal getting tossed into the air by the orca.


10. This thing is literally made of metal, as it incorporates iron into its scale and skeleton.


11. A spider wasp using a huntsman spider to incubate its eggs.


12. Corpses just rot in the sun. What.


13. Just a snake eating a bird whole…

Nothing to see here.


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