13 Times When Celebrities Lost Their Control After Partying Hard


Though the celebrity lifestyle looks like glitz and glamour all the time, fans and critics have to understand the human factor of these stars. They are people, just like us, with struggles and problems. These problems are only heightened when you give someone a silver spoon in their mouth. Imagine being recognized by everyone you passed on the street for your entire life, having your picture taken by hundreds of people a day. There’s only so much that a person can take before finding some way to escape that.

As many people do, some celebrities take to drugs and alcohol to escape. And it’s no wonder, then, that many of these stars overindulge, time and time again. We’ve all been there. Alcohol is a duality in that sense – when you’re happy, you drink to celebrate; when you’re sad, you drink to forget.

No matter what circumstance led a certain celebrity to get plastered, they all usually end up the same way: with an embarrassing photo at the night’s end of a long bender. Here are 11 of the most shocking drunk photos of celebrities.

Britney Spears Again!

Brande Grandville

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