14 People That Forgot To Check The Background Of Their Photos


It takes quite a bit of skill to take good photos, no matter what they’re taken on. But even the most basic photographers know that you should watch out if there are any unwanted items in the background of photos. Not calling these people basic, but they certainly weren’t careful, and the results are… interesting.

1. I don’t know who’s hotter

The guy in the undies in the mirror or the guy in the suit?


2. “Sittin’ on da toilet – mmmm”

Let me see how many of you remember that girl…

3. Now that just looks wrong

4. Let’s just ignore this lady on the John

5. Forever alone? I’d say so

6. Fantastic

7. Oh boy…

8. Forever alone again?

9. Caught red handed!

10. The reflection on the plane is a dead giveaway

11. A nasty accident right here…

12. The face of misery…

13. Whoops…

14. What traffic?

Seriously, these traffic ones are way too common

So, remember kids, next time you take a selfie in the mirror, watch out in case there are any unwanted things in the background, or else you might end up becoming a meme on Twitter.

Have any more photos to share where no attention was paid to the surroundings? Share them in the comments below!

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