15 Pictures Showing How Things Get Unfair Sometimes


We generally would like to be everything occurs as per us yet it isn’t after all its life and some of the time things can get out of line to a few people. Be that as it may, don’t be negative all the time here we have you some amusing pictures.

See how things get unfair to some people in a hilarious manner!

1.The entire loaf is looking like a handle, isn’t it unfair? I mean, where will the butter go?

2. Do you want to eat this yummy dish? Wait let the fork enjoy first.

3. OMG! One of the funniest images here yet the perfect example of how life can be unfair to some people.

4. Yeah! You can count how many times straw gets inserted.

5. Life hasn’t spare even your earphones.

6. Its funny but sometimes the beautiful nature irritates you.

7. So you are searching a fancy name for your wi-fi, hope this works.

8. When life plays unfair with the tables. Oh! Wait they are forming that scare of Harry Potter.

9. Hahaha! Such unfair situations!

10. One of the very funny images here, what will you say now?

11. Ever seen a window seat with no window? After all, life is unfair to some people.

12. So you are in the mood to cook something. But no you cannot because the pan is no mood, it wants to relax.

13. What else do you expect? After all, it’s Kataline Wine Mixer!

14. Just like humans, your stationary starts you showing a completely new side that you probably didn’t expect.

15. Why people make such a mess, I mean why do they even shop?

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