16 Hilarious Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions That Are So Embarrassing!


Celebrities are these great, perfect, ageless creatures with nothing going wrong for them. But in reality even they have some mess-up and their mess ups are usually get very public.

So you can feel good about being nobody and relish that no one has taken photos of you looking like this:

Taylor Swift (Singer)

Selena Gomez (Singer and Actress)

Lilly Allen (Singer)

Eva Longoria (Actress)

Paris Hilton (Personality)

Miley Cyrus (Singer and Actress)

Lady Gaga (Singer)

Nicki Minaj

Katherine McPhee (Actress)

J-Lo (Actress and Singer)

Katherine Heigel (Actress)

Justine Bieber (Singer)

Pamela Anderson (Actress and Personality)

Emma Stone (Actress)

Haley Atwell (Actress)

Sienna Miller (Actress)

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