16 Nurses Who Work At The Same Hospital Are All Pregnant. Mother Of Co-Incidence


Becoming a mother is a dream for many women but what will you say if we tell you that sixteen nurses who are employed at the same hospital have become pregnant at the same time? Interestingly, all of them are going to deliver between October and February.

These nurses work at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa and they all get to realize that they all are expecting when they came together in a group on social media site Facebook. There is no doubt that it will be difficult for the other staff to handle the work of hospital when these sixteen nurses will go on maternity leave of 12 weeks but it is definitely a great coincidence.

One of the pregnant nurses told that they came together on Facebook to make plan for taking holidays. The patients of the hospital have also noticed that there are a number of pregnant nurses taking care of them and some are making strange requests as well.

Another pregnant nurse Jolene Garrow told that one patient likes to touch her belly every night that is a little strange but she allows.

They all need to be very careful while in hospital as they can’t afford to get infected with diseases like tuberculosis, shingles, etc. in view of the fact that they can be very harmful for the babies. They have also been instructed to stay away from equipment of chemotherapy.

Their colleagues are planning to give a big baby shower to these sixteen nurses next week and the hospital has also gifted them with baby-grows that have caption “Relax! My mom is a Banner nurse!” written on them.

Our best wishes are with all the pregnant nurses and their families!

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