16 Pictures of Creepily Flexible People That Will Shock You


If watching gymnastics at the Olympics made you embarrassed about your lack of flexibility, look away now. 

We’ve collected  of the most amazing photos of contortionists ever, so click through to see people with their feet wrapped around their ears, girls in cat cage, and a woman drinking with her feet. Enjoy!

1. This guy, who can easily search for loose change in his back pockets.

2. This guy, who can easily search for loose change in his back pockets.

3. This woman, who makes silly putty look stiff.

4. This person’s fingers, which both impress us and make us feel sick to our stomachs.

5. This guy who makes everyone else look lame.

6. These two. At least, we think there are two separate people here. Are there?

7. These gymnasts. How, exactly, is she holding on?

8. The woman on the bottom, whose palms, shoulders, knees and chin are all on the ground while she holds the guy on top.

9. This granny, who is more in shape at 70 than you will ever be.

10. These three, or maybe just the two younger ones.

11. This woman. We feel like her face looks.

12. This woman. Do her feet turn all the way around?

13.This woman. We’re not sure what’s happening here, but it dosen’t look comfortable.

14. This girl.

15.This woman who must really need to sprint fast to get where she’s going on time.

16. And this girl. Plaese tell me that’s photoshopped!

How can human bodies do that?

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