These 20 Pictures Shows The Truth Of Modern Life


Mexico City-based Italian freelance artist Marco Melgrati has done what only artists can – visualised the world into his own perspective and put it down as art, and it puts out the message very clearly: “We’re our own destroyers.”

Here are some of his best works.

1. Love your enemies

Modern Life-

2. Through love

Modern Life-2

3. The death of privacy

Modern Life-3

4. Could be love

Modern Life-4

5. It’s time to quit your job

Modern Life-5

6. Self made

Modern Life-6

7. Opinion leader and influencers

Modern Life-7

8. Learn to forget

Modern Life-8

9. Pay attention!!

Modern Life-9

10. Deforestation: The human costs

Modern Life-10

11. War is closer than you think

Modern Life-11

12. Industry boss

Modern Life-12

13. A fatal addiction: War in the name of God

Modern Life-13

14. From communism to capitalism

Modern Life-14

15. Face your fear

Modern Life-15

16. Use it better

Modern Life-16

17. Be who you want to be

Modern Life-17

18. Untitled

Modern Life-18

19. You don’t need a miracle to change your job

Modern Life-19

20. Social media narcissism

Modern Life-20

These illustrations do the work of showing us a mirror, and they should not be taken as mere art.

Because there’s always more to it than what meets the eye!

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