27 People Who Clearly Have Zero Sense Of Shame


Most of us have been caught doing something we get regret the next day, probably whilst intoxicated. But the worst thing is to be reminded of your actions in the morning via blurry photos on your camera roll, your friend’s text messages or, worse, the dreaded Snapchat evidence.

But we all have that one friend who manages to get themselves into bizarre situations every time they go out. They just do not give a f*ck. They are happy to pose for your Snapchat story whenever, and always give you something to laugh about on a night out. A lot of that comes down to the fact they have no shame or sense of regret. They live for the moment and do not care who sees. Check out the next few pages to see some people who definitely have no sense of shame.

1. Very public displays of affection

2. When you’re too comfortable with each other

3. Yummy mummy

4. When you didn’t check the weather forecast

You’ve got to admire the ballsy nature of these people (no pun intended). Head to the next page to see people who aren’t afraid to show the world exactly how they feel.

5. Lickathesplit

6. Caught on camera

7. Bathroom essentials

8. Diet? Zero?
Do some people really have this little shame? At least they know how to make a statement. Go to the next page to see some parents who do not understand what is and isn’t socially acceptable.

9. Priorities

10. Shameless selfie

12. Poor Bruce!

There is having no shame and then there is being totally inappropriate! Click to the next page to see that moment when Bieber just stop caring.

13. Are you here for business or pleasure?

14. Al Fresco

15. Cat lady and proud

16. Biebs goes off the (mop) handle

It seems like even the biggest celebs sometimes forget themselves. Although I’m not sure that’s an excuse for Biebs forgetting where the toilet is. Want more perfectly timed photos of people caught off-guard? You know where to go.

17. Brand loyal

18. Might as well teach ’em young

19. A bit of light reading on the subway

20. This can’t be the first time this has happened in McDonald’s

Outrageous stuff! I’m not sure how I’d react if some of these things happened near me. Head to the next page for some more incredible moments where people have just lost their sense of shame.

21. What even…

22. Smooth moves

23. Baby

24. When hunger calls

Some people really just don’t care, do they?! Flick to the final page to see more completely out-there photos of people falling from grace.

25. Been there, got the t-shirt

26. Daddy’s girl

27. The cheek of it

What has the world come to? I think I need to lie down for a bit. Maybe that one friend doesn’t seem so bad now?

Some people really have no shame and don’t intend to change. I’m torn between wanting to gouge my eyes out and wanting to sort of congratulate them for not caring what other people think. I guess we will always have weirdos in this world so the rest of us can feel somewhat normal.

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