5 Places On Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem To Work


We all are aware of the concept of gravity. Yes, the apple fell and the story started. Well, today we will take the story further.

Allow me to take you to 5 places on this planet where gravity doesn’t seem to exist.

1. The Inverted Waterfall

What comes to your mind on hearing the word ‘waterfalls’? Well, yes, a beautiful place with water rushing down from mountains or some other height amid the forests. Yes, you’re right. But the waterfall we’re talking about is just as it sounds- inverted.

5 Places On Earth Where Gravity Doesn't Seem To Work

This waterfall, located in the Republic of Chile, flows in the opposite direction i.e. upwards. Yes, it is as amusing as it sounds and the sight is magical. However, physics have a reasonable explanation for this. The thing which forces the water to flow upward is the strong gust of wind. However, this water is not the only one of this kind. The same sort of waterfalls can be seen in India and Australia.

2. The Mystery of Santa Cruz

This mysterious place in Santa Cruz was first discovered by George Pruzon in 1939. While explaining his first experience, he said he was walking during the day when he suddenly started to feel dizzy. His compass too was acting crazy. He was amazed by the thing that happened and bought a piece of land there. He built a house where he invited people to see the mysterious happenings and the miracle of that house.

The miracle of this place is that people can bend their body to any direction and can adjust to any angle without falling. It’s like the gravity doesn’t work here. Water flow upwards, in the opposite direction here. It is explained by some people that this abnormality is caused due to the magnetic crater situated under the house.

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