6 Of The World’s Biggest Companies And What They Serve You For Lunch


Company cafeterias and canteens are different all over the world. Some serve good food, or food that’s reasonably decent, but most serve food that shouldn’t even be called food. However, when it comes to the world’s best companies, the cafeteria is important as it’s the place where employees go to take a break. So, to ensure that that break is worth everything, these companies serve the best of food, in some of the best of ways. Take a look at the top world companies and what their employees get for lunch!


Google’s cafeteria would put the world’s best cafeteria to shame. It has several sections of various cuisines, fast food, snacks, frozen yogurt and drinks, and there’s literally something for everyone!

Lunch-1 Lunch-2 Lunch-3 Lunch-4


The dining area at Apple is called Caffe Macs. They serve Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and French cuisine at lunch. Breakfast consists of French toast, pancakes, juices, ice-cream and other desserts, but the menu keeps changing.

Lunch-5 Lunch-6 Lunch-7


Facebook has an Epic Cafe which serves American and Asian cuisines. You can also take a takeout meal for free. The food, for both the employees and the office guests, is for free.

Lunch-8 Lunch-9 Lunch-10 Lunch-11


Dropbox, the file hosting service located in San Francisco, California, has a cafeteria called the Tuck Shop. It’s spread across 400 meters and there are chefs who serve you whatever you’d like to have!


Lunch-13 Lunch-14



Pixar’s cafeteria is called Cafe Luxo and has giant sized statues of Buzz Lightyear and Woody at the entrance. Cafe Luxo looks like a museum and serves a variety of dishes, such as salmon in maple syrup, pasta with tofu, hamburgers, fried ravioli, steaks, burritos, pizza, and all possible kinds of desserts.

Lunch-15 Lunch-16 Lunch-17 Lunch-18


The sections and menu at Twitter’s cafeteria are named after hashtags such as #comfort food, #tenderloin. The cafeteria is called @birdfeeder.

Lunch-19 Lunch-20 Lunch-21 Lunch-22

Source: indiatimes

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