7 Burning Confessions From A Size 12 Girl Who Wore A Bodysuit For The First Time

Leena Das

Hi, through the course of this article, let’s refer to me as the Size 12 girl. Of course, I am more than my body and all that, but for the point (that I am about to make) to shine brighter than the person, let’s agree to focus more on the experience than my credentials.

So, I am a proud size 12 force to be reckoned with, who loves her body…well on most days…okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration…it’s a half and half. I love my body three-four (more on the side of three) days out of seven. On days when I feel like this Celine-Dion-singing-my-heart-will-go-on version of myself, I also like to majorly dress up. Like dramatic-eyes-snatch-hair-slip-dress-over-tee kind of dress up. Bottom line: I am not inept with fashion. In fact, I am sartorially skilled, much like all my millennial friends. Which is why, recently, while I was in the painful process of renewing my wardrobe, I was disappointed of not being a proud owner of a bodysuit. How did I, a wardrobe self-starter, fail to ever buy one? I had to have one. I ordered one for myself right away and three days later, I put on my swanky new bodysuit for the first time. Here were my takeaways from that glorious moment.

1. I skipped wearing underwear altogether. Considering, I never wear one under a swimsuit, it only made sense to eschew one with the bodysuit. Adulting done right.

2. Whoa! How does a 27-year-old pee in a bodysuit? By unbuttoning it every time they have to tend to their lady parts? This may or may not involve an arabesque buttoning-unbuttoning-routine in a cubicle.

3. The bodysuit reminded me that I do have a waist, right there in the middle of my untameable boobs and downward-facing gut. Yep, right there.

4. This is the snuggest I have felt in a long, long time, and this is coming from a person who has been in fulfilling relationship since the last five years. The bodysuit is soon to become (or replace?) #MyConstant.

5. If sexy is a feeling, it was definitely felt in gigantic proportions by my medium-sized, generously filled-out body.

6. Once you own a bodysuit, the world is your oyster. I have styled it with skirts, shorts, skorts, culottes, jeans, trousers, sexy athleisure pants and everything that can be worn on the bottom. I am planning to wear it to the gym soon. Over a high-performing sports bra, of course.

7. Dang! I need to pee again. Back to arabesque unbuttoning.

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