9-Year-Old Cancer-Stricken Girl was Scared to Go Back to School… So, Over 80 Students and Teachers Shave Their Heads to Show Support!


No matter how hard we tell our kids that appearances shouldn’t really matter, it is difficult to change the world’s perspective about it – and many kids end up getting bullied due to their looks.

This is the reason why 9-year-old Marlee Pack wasn’t so excited to go back to school after undergoing weeks of treatment for cancer. She felt that the other kids will just laugh at her for having no hair.

After sharing her misgivings to her bestfriend, Cameron McLaughlin, the other girl decided to donate her hair to kids with cancer such as Marlee – but while most girls would probably just have their hair cut short to do that, Cameron went a step further by telling her parents she wants to have all her hair shaved off!

Cameron’s mom Cheray McLaughlin revealed, “When Cameron told Marlee she was thinking about shaving her head, Marlee got a huge smile on her face and said ‘we can be baldy besties together!

The idea soon grew when Cameron’s mom told the children’s teacher about it. The school would soon organize a fundraising campaign to coincide with the event where Cameron would get her hair shaved. Hearing about this, the school’s two principals and three teachers soon pledged to have their heads shaved, too.

Amazingly, eighty students also joined the head-shaving activity!

On the day of the “Be Bold, Be Brave, Go Bald” event, Marlee gleefully shaved the head off her first grade teacher, Ms. Erin Dupper. She also held Cameron’s hand as the latter had her hair shaved off.

She’s been through so much in the past year, I think she just faces life head on now. This event only made her even more outgoing, confident and happy and as her mom, it’s refreshing to see,” said Marlee’s mom Sherry Pack.

The event not only made Marlee very happy and excited to go back to school, it also raised $25,000 for child cancer research at St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Isn’t that awesome?

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