Acid Attack Survivor Shared How She Looks Now! Twitter Is Loving Her Beauty


Life becomes extremely difficult for acid attack victims. They lose their confidence and feel that life is no more good for them. Some of them give up completely and attempt to end their lives too. But amidst them, we have some brave-hearted people who ignore the negativity that’s happened to them and concentrate on making their life better.

One of them is Resham Khan, the aspiring model. Few months back i.e. on her 21st birthday, she had suffered from an acid attack in London and was devastated.

She was worried about her looks and thought she will never gain her beauty back. Her mind was so disturbed that she would even hesitate to go to the local shop because she was tensed about what people will say and how they will react.

Here’s how she looked after the attack…

Now, after months, she has shared pictures after her recovery and she looks beautiful. After recovery, she has gained her confidence back and you too must see her pictures. She took to Twitter to share the same; have a look..

Here are her pictures..

And one more…


People were overwhelmed to see Resham in such an avatar. They felt really good for her and couldn’t stop themselves from expressing love and happiness for her.


Stay strong!

Beautiful lady!

Beautiful and confident!

We are really happy for this brave girl. May the lord preserve her and keep her happy always.

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