Akash Dadlani Now FORCEFULLY KISSES Arshi Khan On Her Bed


After Shilpa Shinde forcefully kissed by Akash, now Arshi gets targeted for his shameless behaviour!

We have seen many kisses and bed scenes in BB house before, in fact, at the beginning of BB 11, we saw Punish and Bandagi getting cozy on the bed. But now what Akash is doing is really too much cut-less behaviour. We saw Akash and Arshi getting cozy just on one bed! Check out these cheesy pictures!

Akash Dadlani was banged for forcefully kissing Shilpa Shinde on Twitter, now again his cheap behaviour is caught on BB camera that has shocked everyone in the house. He was with Arshi, where Arshi asks Akash to sleep next to Shilpa Shinde, and Akash overheard her and pops on Arshi’s bed, holding and kissing her repeatedly.

All the other contestants just kept watching them silently being amazed! Arshi asked Hiten and Vikas how to stop all this touchy behaviour of Akash and also getting closer to her to which they answered, “You can only stop him by slapping or complaining to Big Boss.”

What do you think? What is Arshi and Bigg Boss going to do about Akash’s indecent behaviour? Write your comments below.

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