Arshi Khan’s BIGGEST OOPS MOMENT Inside The House, Embarrasses Other Housemates!


Fights and arguments are the essential part of the Bigg Boss 11. However, the contestants are not always fighting and bitching about each other, they sometimes have fun too. These funny moments are going to crack everyone. Recently, the contestants were testing the general knowledge of everyone. Arshi Khan once again came under the radar for her GK knowledge. Someone asked Arshi what is the national anthem of India? The answer given by Arshi Khan is simply outstanding.

We can surely say that Arshi is giving tough competition to Alia Bhatt. Everyone in the house left speechless after hearing her answer, but they burst into laughter pretty quickly. Vikas Gupta just was unable to control his laughter. He was running all around the house laughing at the answer. Priyank Sharma also put his hand on his forehead. After some time, Arshi Kahn realized her mistake and can be seen laughing looking really embarrassed.

This all started when Arshi Khan was talking about the beauty pageant of Bhopal to Hiten Tejwani. She told Hiten that you should come there. Later she corrected herself and said it is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Puneesh Sharma asked her which is the capital of India, she replied Delhi. Vikas asked her which is the capital of Delhi, she said Bhopal. Vikas looked in the camera and said Alia Bhatt meet your biggest fan. Later Vikas asked them which is heaviest among 1 Kg of gold, Iron, and cotton. Arshi answered iron, whereas Hina said gold. Vikas can be seen mocking both of them.

Vikas once again asked which is the biggest planet among moon, Mars, and Pluto. Arshi answered moon. Then, Vikas compares Arshi to Arjit Taneja, as he considers him a dumb person. Arshi finally accepts that she is very poor in GK. Vikas said we now know that you are a big fan of Alia Bhatt. That was not all, as Vikas asked which is the biggest celestial body among Jupiter, Neptune, and Sun. Arshi said she has not seen any of them. Hina Khan can be seen laughing out loud.

As expected, Hina started showing off her general knowledge by saying the capitals of several countries. Arshi Khan said Bhutan is in Nepal. Everyone mocked her when she said the Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Puneesh was all quiet in the meantime. Arshi then tells that her family lives in Karachi. To everyone’s surprise, general knowledge of Hina Khan was pretty good. She asked Arshi to name the seven continents. Arshi said she doesn’t know. Hina then asked her the smallest continent in the world. Akash said that Japan is an island, as it is surrounded by water completely.

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