Ayesha Takia Slams People Who Trolled Her For Lip Surgery! Reveals The Truth Behind The Viral Pic!


Back in February this year, a photo of Ayesha Takia that went viral turned out to be a heartbreak for many of her fans. In the photo, Ayesha Takia was looking unusually different with botoxed cheeks and lip fillers.

That was enough for social media to start coming up with their own theories. The theory that went viral was that the photo was a result of some cosmetic surgery failure.

There had been no confirmation from Ayesha’s side so far which made the rumours sound more certain. However, she has finally had her say on the issue and her words are surely going to please all her fans. In a recent interview to Mumbai Mirror, Ayesha Takia dismissed all those rumours and termed them “all nonsense.”. Ayesha slammed the trollers and clarified that it was a “Morphed picture”.

She said she was in Goa when the image went viral and passed it off as a joke. This is what she had to say exactly about the complete incident!

“I was in Goa when the morphed picture was shared online. I have a small face but in that picture it looked long and funny. I passed it off with a laugh. I’ve never been someone who wanted to look pretty with nothing to say. When people see me face-to-face they know immediately that I’ve not gone under the knife and they are the ones who matter.”

She signed off her interview after hitting out at social media. This is what she had to say about all the rumour mongering socialites that are on the rise nowadays.

“Everything has changed in the years that I’ve not been around. Social media has blown up and actors are shooting, hitting the gym, and sharing what they’re eating all the time. I had never put so much thought into being an actress. When I debuted at 14, people asked me where I saw myself in the next 10 years and I always replied, why would anyone want to remember me? Why does everyone want to make something out of a fun day at work? I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now.”

Interference in someone’s personal life is never welcomed by anyone and Ayesha Takia is no different. We just hope such rumours don’t come up again and wish Ayesha Takia all the best for her future endeavours.

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