Bangladeshi Inventors Made An Eco-friendly ‘AC’ Using Plastic Bottles


If you thought the power supply in your area is bad, well that is until you get to know about the situation in our neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. Not only that a lot of the people do not have electricity in the first place, those who have experience hours-longload shedding making lives difficult.

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The situation is particularly bad during the summers, with the huts mostly made out of tin sheets sizzling under heat. But now Bangladeshis have come up with a cheap, eco-friendly and ingenious way to fight the heat.

They have built an ‘AC’ using empty plastic bottles.

The ‘AC’ was designed by Ashis Paul who got the idea from his daughter’s physics lessons.

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The cooler is built using plastic bottles which are cut in half and then putting them together on a board. The boards are then placed over a window, with the bottlenecks facing towards the inside of the house.

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The change in pressure that occurs when air enters the wider part of the bottle and comes out through the bottleneck cools the air. It is as simple as that, and is now cooling more than 25,000 households in Bangladesh.

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The makers of the cooler say their device can decrease the temperature by 5°C immediately.

What is even more interesting is that, the raw material, plastic bottles, are easily available and also serves the purpose of keeping cities liter-free.

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