Boy Asks Hot Girl To Teach Him Cricket.. But What She Did Next Was Epic


Nowadays impressing a hot girl has also become a competition among boys. They make various endeavours to impress the girl they like. Be it showing off their money or taking them to lavish restaurants, they try almost everything.

A video is going viral where it features a boy who thought something out of the box. He pretended to be a very innocent guy in front of the girl. Whenever she used to passby he pretended t be very innocent. The over smart guy employed various tricks to spend time with her.

The over smart guy employed various tricks to spend time with her. At one time he asked her to teach how to dance and at the other time he learned how to ride a bike.

When guys use these kinds of silly tricks they often forget that they are not the only one who were given brain. Girls also got the brain.

That girl was a perfect example of beauty with brain. When she realized that he was just pretending to be innocent, she decided to teach him a lesson. When he asked her to teach cricket, she did something that the guy won’t be able to forget in his lifetime.

Watch the video here

The girl taught him a much-needed lesson. It is an awesome video which you can definitely not afford to miss

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