Bus Conductor Killed 7-Yr Boy In The School’s Toilet After He Failed To Sexually Assault Him


There is no doubt that the world is not a safe place for anyone now but heart bleeds when criminals don’t feel pity even on the school kids.

On Friday, a horrific incident took place in Ryan International School situated in Bhondsi, Gurugram, where a 7 years old class II student was killed brutally by slitting his throat with knife. The murder weapon was recovered by cops from the location of the crime and now the police have caught the murderer. He is none other than the school bus conductor who wanted to sexually assault the deceased named Pradduman.

Simardeep Singh, DCP, told,

“Bus conductor Ashok attempted to sexually assault the boy, when he raised an alarm the conductor killed him… Accused had been working here for the past six to eight months. He had gone to use the toilet where he saw the boy. He was not targeting that particular child, only when he saw the boy he thought of assaulting him. He had the knife with him in his pocket.”

The victim was found by the driver of the school bus in a bleeding state. His father, who works in a private company as a quality manager, said,


“I dropped him around 7:55 am. I received the call around 8.10. They told me my son is bleeding, he was found outside the washroom and they are rushing to the hospital, they asked me to come too. I rushed but my boy was dead by the time I reached.”

He further added,

“It is a clear-cut murder case. It happened inside the school. How can a parent know what happens to their child in school?”

Soon the sad news got circulated on the Internet and social media platforms. Worried parents entered the school shouting slogans and broke the furniture as well as glass award cases. They were sent out by the police present there but later on, some parents reached the police station demanding strict action against the school.

However, the school denies any delay on their part in taking the child to the hospital. Neerja Batra, the officiating principal said,

“The child was looking serious. We didn’t lose a minute. We took the child in my car.”

This is not the first time that Ryan International School is in news for the wrong reasons. In fact last year only, a 6-yr student Divyansh Kakrora, who was a student of Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj, died after getting drowned in the water tank of the school. As per the visual footage obtained by the CCTV installed in the school, just before his body was recovered from the tank, Divyansh was playing on the school ground. After five days of his death, Principal and four staff members were arrested by the police on the charges of negligence causing death.

Principal of Springdales School, Ameeta Wattal said, “This is the worst thing to happen to anybody…There is a lot of anxiety among us after this incident.” A former principal of Sanskriti School, Abha Sehgal, said, “It is an extremely sad day for all schools.”

The murder of Pradduman is another example which shows that schools are not taking enough measures to keep kids safe and this time, the police and administration should make sure that these kinds of crimes are not repeated.

What do you have to say in this regard?

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