In chilling video, driver takes refuge on top of tanker as flash flood sweeps in at Jammu – rescued later


Sometimes hell hath no fury like…Mother Nature. The monsoon season provides us with plenty of reminders about this, a recent one coming from Jammu.

A video posted on YouTube on Monday shows an oil tanker caught in the floods, being progressively dragged into the rapids, as a braveheart continues to sit on it.

It is reported that an individual called Danish Ahmed parked vehicle he was driving the banks of Jhajjar canal, near Pancheri, Udhampur, to bathe in the canal..

And a flash flood came in to trap him with his vehicle. It is he who can be see in the video, perched on top of the oil tanker.

Local residents informed the police who promptly acted upon it and rescued Danish.

They have issued an advisory about the heavy flow of water in Jhajjar canal and the area with heavy water flows has been cordoned off.

What happened to the tanker is unknown.

Video: Jammu driver sits on tanker to escape flood

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