China’s Quantum Of Invisibility Cloak Stuns Internet


Has science already broken the code of “impossibility” and created an invisibility cloak for real? A video that has gone viral in the past days stunned millions of people when a man from China showed that Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is not just a product of special effects, but is, in fact, existing in the real world.

China’s “Quantum of Invisibility Cloak” had everyone who saw the demo video stunned. The video was pretty convincing that, in just a matter of days, it already earned over 21 million views. It was shared by the head of China’s Criminal Investigation Department at the Ministry of Public Security, Chen Shiqu, who said the cloak can be a significant weapon that can be used by the military.

Here is the cloak that caught the attention of many superhero and sci-fi film enthusiasts.

Source: youtube

Chen wrote in the description:

“This is a quantum technology-made cloth that is made of transparent material, it can reflect the light wave around the person who wears it so it can make the person disappear.Soldiers wearing this cloak can avoid night vision spy but what happened if the criminals used the cloak?”

In the video, Chen Shiqu appears in a garden holding up a cloth he refers to as the invisibility cloak. He later drapes the cloth in front of himself where his body part covered by the “cloak” seemingly disappears from view and melting into the garden backdrop.

The video may be popular but was scrutinized by people, with viewers saying it was hoax. Net investigators then revealed the video was edited using a software to get the “invisibility effect.”

This man demonstrates how the cloak works and the effects indeed made it really convincing.

Source: youtube

Zhu Zhensong, producer at Quantum Video production company previously said there is no such thing as the invisibility cloak. He said that the video was filmed using a blue or green plastic cloth to give viewers the impression that Chen Shiqu is disappearing in front of their eyes. He said:

“Softwares such as Adobe’s After Effects, Nuke or Blackmagic Fusion can edit the background and blend the object into it.

The effect has previously seen in a lot of action movies.”

Howver, experts revealed that the video is a hoax and was only edited to achieve the effects.

Source: youtube

Humanity is far from making those superhero and fantasy film accessories real after all. And apparently, science still has yet a long way to go before it finally discovers how to make one appear and disappear without any cheats.

Watch Chen Shiqu boast the so-called invisibility cloak from the video below.

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