China’s Space Station Has Gone Out Of Control & It Will Hit Earth On 31st of March. Are We Safe?


China first reported in Oct 2017 that they have lost control over their space station and it can pose a heavy danger to the place where it will crash on Earth.

The scary part was that no one knew the exact time and location about its crash.

Later with the start of 2018, we were updated that it may fall on European location but that was not certain. It was also estimated that the spacecraft will crash on Earth somewhere between March and April.

Now there is another update regarding the matter.

Dr Marco Langbroek who is a Palaeolithic archaeologist, spy satellite tracker, asteroid discoverer has predicted that Tiangong -1 will crash on 31st March +/- 3 days.

He tweeted-

My latest #reentry estimate for #Tiangong1:
31 March +- 3 days
The geomagnetic storm of yesterday does seem to have given it a bump.@SSC_NL

Though there’s only small part of spacecraft debris that may fall on Earth but it’s is carrying toxic chemicals used in its rocket fuel. It could be very dangerous for people who come in contact with it. The exact location of the spacecraft crash are still not known.

What are your thoughts on it?

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