Dancing groom collapses and dies at his own wedding procession in Gujarat (video)

Dheeraj Yadav

In a dreadful incident, a groom collapsed and died while dancing at his own wedding procession in Gujarat.

The incident occurred in the Ranoli village of Vadodara district on Wednesday night.

An unidentified person recorded the tragedy on his mobile phone and shared it.

It shows the groom leading the baraat procession sitting on a friend’s shoulder. He is dancing energetically to the drum beats and his entourage is enjoying itself.

He suddenly collapses and slumps on the friend carrying him. His friends continue to dance away without realising the  tragedy that has struck them.

While he is said to have suffered a massive heart attack, the  people of the village blamed it on local alcohol, which the groom and his friends had generously consumed.

The police are waiting for the post-mortem report.

Gujarat groom groom dies during his baraat (video)

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