Desi Couple Makes Entry At Reception In A Flying Eagle Putting The Extra In ‘Extra’vagant


Weddings these days seem more of a competition than a celebration of the love shared between two people. Especially our desi weddings. As with everything else, we seem to have a general impression that the bigger the better. While that policy may seem appealing to a kid in a candy store, it’s not a principle that needs to or should be universally adopted.

Now if you are going to come at me with a “but it’s their money and their choice” rebuttal, I totally agree with you. I’m all for freedom of expression and speech. However, how big is too big? Where should we draw the line?

This stunt at a desi reception is a good starting point for ‘too big’ I’d say.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s an eagle carrying a miniature figurine structure of the bride and groom. What’s wrong with that, except for possible PETA violations, right?

Hold on. Take a closer look first.

Oh, yes. That isn’t just a miniature of the bride and groom. That IS the bride and groom hovering quite a few feet above the ground in what looks like a decorative cage being carried by a huge eagle structure. The entire contraption and the couple are basically hanging off the end of a crane with two additional lines connected to it for support.

But wait. It get’s better. Cue the fireworks!

Of course, there had to be fire involved! This is basically a khatron ke khiladi theme wedding yo.

Fortunately, despite the high-stakes grand entry, the ‘Puspak Vimaan‘ safely lands on the ground with the couple. Also, did I mention that their ‘heavenly’ flight was set to the background music of “Baharon phool barsao“? Yup. So romantic, no? *cough*

You’ve actually got to see the Rohit Shetty movie-esque stunt yourself to truly appreciate it:

Do I need to add that Twitter had a field day with this? Check out some of these reactions:

1. Upholding the tradition.

2. Aise kaise?

3. Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story. The story of how we got you guys.

4. Maybe that’s act 2.

5. Apparently, they do.

6. Evergreen yo.

7. Oh no no no… Indian sanskar beta.

8. Anything to make the marriage work.

9. From across the land where unicorns do yoga and eat dal chawal.

10. We need answers!

11. Asking the important questions.

Jokes aside, this incident is a blatant reminder of how we never learn. Just a few years back, disaster had struck an Ahmedabad wedding where a similar stunt was pulled. The extravagant entry took 1 life and left 4 injured, including the bride. It’s about time we took a step back and put some more thought into where to splurge and where to draw the line on being extra.

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