Dog Owner Shares Hilarious Photos Of Golden Retriever Trying To Drown Her Sister


It was a gorgeous day that almost ended with a cold-blooded assassination. A Twitter user has just shared some photos from a recent family vacation with their beloved dog. However, things escalated quickly as the pooch appeared to be drowning his owner’s sister as they swan in a lake.

Holly Monson recently went on to Lake Saguaro in Arizona with her family and their pet dog. The Arizona State University student diligently took pictures as her sister and their pup Sam took to the water. Monson had no idea that she would be snapping photos that would turn her sibling and their murderous pooch into an instant meme.

Holly Monson decided to share the hilarious story on Twitter.

Source: Holly Monson/Twitter

The dog climbed onto Monson’s sister’s back, pushing her down with his weight.

Source: Holly Monson/Twitter

His victim appeared to be trying to escape but the dog was ready with one paw in the air.

Source: Holly Monson/Twitter

Monson explained that the dog named Sam was not used to “larger bodies of water.” Nevertheless, the family tried to ease the pup into the deeper water. Although Sam was fine at first, things took a turn when he saw Monson’s sister Ariana in the water with him.

“My dad threw his ball into the water for him to get, which he did until he spotted my sister and decided to swim over to her instead. I don’t know if he was trying to save her or save himself, but that’s when he put my sister under for a good five seconds before my dad came to the rescue!” Monson stated.

Netizens have commented on how the dog was looking straight at the camera as he smacks his owner with his paw.

Source: Holly Mons

The mission is over, the dog has won the heart of the internet with his hilarious photos.

Source: Holly Monson/Twitter

Monson is glad to report that things worked out perfectly after Sam’s attempted murder of her sister.

“We played fetch with him again in the shallows so he could get used to it and after that he was completely comfortable,” she said.

The post has gone viral and has already been retweeted 147,301 times. The popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs even declared that Sam was not guilty of any wrongdoings.

Sam is still considered a good dog despite the attempted murder.

Source: We Rate Dogs/Twitter

The dog and his struggling owner immediately became a meme anyone can relate to.

Source: lanjoe9/Twitter

A meme that proves adulting can be overwhelming.

Source: lanjo

A meme that confirms the struggle to get anything done.

Source: lanjoe9/Twitter

The dog has yet to be sued by his owner for the failed assassination.

Source: teh_beandip/Twitter

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