Drunk Delhi Girl Creates A Scene Again At The Police Station


[brid video=”27527″ player=”4502″ title=”Drunk Delhi Girl Creates”]

Recently, a drunk girl created a scene after ramming her Mercedes into a bike in Connaught Place, Delhi. She misbehaved with the two guys on the bike and the police authorities on the spot as well. But, later when she was taken to the Police Station & CMO for her statement, the ruckus didn’t stop there.

This video uploaded by Kundan Srivastava clearly shows her misbehaving with the concerned authorities in the police station. At one point in time, she even snatched the sheet from an officer and threw it on the floor. She even accused the two guys on the bike of harassing her.

I’m surprised why she’s not behind bars for misbehaving with the police. The most obvious question pops up: Is it because she’s a girl? (And probably a rich girl with powerful parents) Would the police behave the same had it been a drunk boy? Food for thought.

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