Ever Wondered Why Nikhil Chinapa Always Has His Glasses On? Here’s The Reason.


Nikhil Chinapa, the man who has donned us in many of his avatars by now is currently ruling over our hearts with his ‘on point’ style and swag in the recent season of Roadies.

Nikhil had joined MTV after his graduation, and since then he has hosted almost every show the channel has ever aired. Right from MTV Select to being the host of Splitsvilla, a judge on Roadies as well as Rock On and now one of the wisest gang leaders in Roadies Extreme.

However, let’s not talk about his profession for a while and focus on how good looking this man is. We love Nikhil and the way he styles himself, period. But, the only style of his which makes us wonder all the time is the reason why he always has his glasses on?
No matter what time of the day it is, Nikhil is always seen flaunting his glasses on and off the set. (Which makes him look real hot though)

However, before you start judging this knowledgeable man for the way he styles himself, let us tell you the real reason behind his choice of wearing those glasses regularly.

In one of his tweets from the past, Nikhil Chinapa had revealed the real reason for why he chooses to wear the glasses all the time. Nikhil is suffering from Thyroid, and about which he even opened up on the National television during one of the latest episodes of Roadies Extreme.

We already know that Thyroid is one of the most unpredictable illnesses one could ever go through in life. Thyroid conditions make Nikhil’s eyes swell, and that’s the only reason why his eyes are always covered with glasses.

Well, TBH with or without those glasses, Nikhil can make any young lady go weak in the knees with his stunning style statement and incomparable intelligence!

You’re a strong man, Nikhil! We love you with no bounds.

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