Every Man In This Village Has Two Wives. Reason Is Strange & Weird


The name of this village is Derasar which is in the Barmer district, Rajsathan, and its population is less than 600 people.

Here men get married twice not because they want to but on the contrary, they are compelled for the second marriage due to a strange phenomenon.

In fact, there are 70 Muslim families in this village and two marriages in a Muslim family are not very uncommon.

However in this village, men get married for the second time because they can’t have a child with the first wife.

It has been noticed and observed that many families didn’t have a kid until the man got married for the second time. Now it is the second wife only who becomes mother.

Many men waited for quite a long time to have kids from the first wife but they had a child only after second marriage.

There is no explanation for this phenomena but it has been happening for a long time now.

It may sound strange but it’s true that first wives of this village do not get jealous of the second wives and treat their kids as their own children.

If you know about any such strange thing, do let us know.

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