Exercise AND Wash Laundry With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle


Kill two birds with one stone and clean your underwear while you’re at it!  That dream could come a reality if student’s at China’s Dalian Nationalities University are successful in mass-producing their invention, a bicycle-powered washing machine that cleans your clothes while you work out.

Exercise AND Wash Laundry1

The Bike Washing Machine, or BiWa, as the students refer to it, works by using the pedal power to spin a clothing drum that takes the place of the front wheel.  Excess energy is used to power the display screen that keeps track of your progress.

Exercise AND Wash Laundry2

It remains to be see whether the Chinese students will be able to successfully bring this concept to market.  It is yet to be done and seems like it might be a hit.  Until then, at least you can ride your bike to the laundromat!  But where will you store your clothes?

Exercise AND Wash Laundry3

Exercise AND Wash Laundry4

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