Facebook posts help police arrest Mumbai’s young woman DJ – wanted for blackmail, extortion


Facebook addiction led to the arrest of a young woman DJ, who entered the world of crime to make a quick buck.

Rajasthan Police arrested Shikha Tiwari, or DJ Adaa, for honey-trapping and extorting money from a Jaipur doctor.

The 21-year old DJ Adaa was allegedly part of a 33-member criminal gang who lured wealthy individuals, honey-trapped and blackmailed them to extort  huge amounts of money.

But the young woman’s downfall started when she tried her tricks with a Jaipur-based doctor.

Befriending him enough to go on an outstation trip with him, DJ Adaa tried to extort two crore rupees threatening to file a false rape charge.

With the doctor refusing to be cowed down, she lodged a FIR with the police and got him arrested.

For some reason, after spending more than two-months in jail, the doctor got out and paid her a crore rupee; but he also filed a FIR against her in late December 2016.

That’s when DJ Adaa fled from Rajasthan to  lead an anonymous life in Mumbai.

She remained untraceable despite the police efforts to track her.

But then the social media addiction got to her.

DJing in a Mumbai hotel, she got active on Facebook and Twitter and started posting regular updates, reports India Today.

That reportedly helped police to track her down and make an arrest.

Shikha Tiwari, or DJ Adaa on Twitter

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