Fighting the Good Fight: How Indian Singles are Battling Depression


Being single anywhere in the world can be a harrowing and lonely experience, but individuals in tech savvy India are finding new ways to beat the blues.

Sometimes, the most isolating place you can be when you’re single is a big city. Being surrounded by groups of people, enjoying time with their friends and significant others can pretty much kill any motivation you might have for getting a social life.

It can also make it seem like you’re doing something wrong, highlighting the fact that you’re not one of them. Which is largely unfair, and entirely untrue- but doesn’t make it feel any less lonely flying solo in a city. But, for the tech clever (and even the not so tech clever) person in India, there are a ton of great ways to curb those feelings of destitution. Even if you’re on par with Ralph Wiggum on the socially awkward scale.

1. Phone a Friend

Phone sex services are really great, and shockingly popular way to enjoy some no-strings-attached intimacy. While it may seem like something only your creepy uncle would ever try, owners of one of the highest rated phone sex operations in India, Indian Sex Talk, say their numbers paint a very different story. “A large percentage of people who call in don’t really talk about sex at all” Says a spokesperson for Indian Sex Talk, a massive online and landline retailer of dirty talk. “Most people just seem to be looking for some companionship, or someone who they can talk to that won’t judge them.” Which works great if you’re feeling lonely and just really need someone to listen to you talk about your cats.

2. Attend Community Classes

There are a ton of apps and websites that are devoted to posting schedules for community events, or classes. Classes are a great way to start because you can work on basic skills, like cooking, painting, or building. You can also focus on your particular project if you don’t feel up to interacting directly with others. As you become more comfortable with the people around you, you’ll find that they also share common interests. Making it way easier to break the ice because you already know that the quiet girl in the back is into painting stills of root vegetables.

3. Get an Instagram

Photo sharing websites are a great way to get yourself out of your house, and away from your standard perspective. Photography allows you to see everyday things in a different way and encourages you to explore an area that may feel crushingly familiar. Putting your photos online and interacting with a community of peers can also help you hone those social skills. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to chat with #nofilter.

4. Online Meetups

Meetups are a great way to get to know people that share common interests, they’re also notorious for sharing good vibes with like-minded people. There are meetups for just about every hobby and lifestyle known to man, so feel free to join a few. Find one you like and make a plan to visit it regularly. If you find that you’re not too keen on the group you’ve joined, it’s a simple drop. No flowery exits necessary. Effectively becoming the new AA- Agoraphobic Anonymous.

5. Hit Up Facebook

Great news! Specifically in India, Facebook is having talks about beginning to offer dating services. Unlike the unrealistic and sometimes heartbreaking “swipe” feature of Tinder, Facebook’s new dating scheme is much truer to the real deal, only without the added awkwardness of a face-to-face encounter. Essentially it will be a group of people in the same area that are single and ready to mingle! All you have to do send a message and let the love connection roll out from there.

6. Get to Gaming

Social online gaming is a great way to meet new people and talk to groups with common interests. There are a bunch of cooperative platforms where you can work together with other people, as opposed to being surrounded by the negativity that stems from competition. Online gaming is a great way to feel a little less lonely, knowing that there are literally millions of people that enjoy hanging out from the comfort of their own homes.

7. Live Your Hobbies

Forums are another really great way to connect and chat with people who have the same interests and lifestyle as you do. Regardless of what it is that makes you tick, there is a forum for that – sports, crafts, mechanics, electronics, photography, or even forums about feeling lonely Chances are with a little digital footwork, you’ll be able to connect with people who can identify with your situation and will be super happy to talk with you about it.

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