French Designer Sews Dresses With Out Of This World Designs


Remember the famous line, “dress to impress?” Well, this is very true in our everyday lives. We always make sure that we wear the nicest of dress or clothes. And although the reason could vary, the common denominator is that we want to “impress” someone. Apparently, a French designer is taking this idea to a whole new level.

Sylvie Facon sews dresses just like an ordinary designer does. But unlike any other, she settles with stuff that would steal any catwalk. And by stuff, we mean using book spines. Yes, that is right – she uses book spines to create dresses that you do not usually see on a regular basis. From spines of old texts to steampunk-inspired garment details, Sylvie is definitely not your ordinary designer.

Scroll down below to see her beautiful works. We assure you: Her dresses will blow you away.

For starters, here is a dress made from book spines.





And when book spines become too mainstream, Sylvie resorts to “Painted Old Town” dress topped with lace.




Oh, did we not mention about her love for musical instruments such as violin?




This one right here is something that most women would dream of wearing. Because seriously, they all want to feel and look like a princess.




Sylvie also collaborates with other artists to deliver “art-inspired” dresses. The Knight dress below is basically an interpretation of artist Didier Graffet’s illustration.




Perhaps we can all agree that Sylvie’s dresses are a work of art. If you want to know more about her designs, check out her official site.

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