Get Non-Boring Jeans With These 3 Easy DIY Hacks


What are you supposed to do when your favorite pair of old jeans are just not trendy anymore or are torn? Throw them away? Absolutely NOT!

In the days that we live in, there are numerous ways and ideas to renew your old clothes.

There are SO many better ways to wear denim than regular old pants (boring!).

Designers are making all kinds of fun things out of jean material now—think: bras, hair accessories, bags, necklaces, the list goes on.

So this is the perfect time to put those skinnies back in the drawer and take a risk.

You’ll be surprised how fresh you’ll feel just by making this one small style switch.

PLUS, considering how much I hate shopping for new jeans, I’ll just wear my body-shaped jeans for years and years, through thick and thin (literally), even if they tear apart or the zipper gets broken because I find it very hard to find jeans that actually fit, are comfortable AND look pretty, so I stick to my old ones, until one day my mom comes visiting and throws them all the away. *triggered by the thought*

But, the whole point of this article, is to show you how to DIY renew your favorite pants, because life is too short to wear boring clothes, but life is also too short to go hours shopping for new jeans while crying on the fitting room.

Below you will find 3 easy hacks to try on your jeans, as shown by Adriana Barredo, an Instagrammer with over 574K followers.

1. Easy white lace shorts

All you need for this hack is some lace, glue, and of course jeans of your choiceLook how pretty they look:

Or, check out the video below:

2. Ink design shorts

It might look like all you need is ink and creativity, but if art is not your kind of thing, practice on a piece of paper first See the video below:

3. Non-boring ripped jeans

Adriana explains she used a chalk, scissors, tweezers, bleach, and a littleee more patience for these jeans But the final result is very worth it See it for yourself:

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Let us know which were your favorite, in the comments below. Make sure you follow Adriana on Instagram for more easy DIY hacks.

Source: Drickara
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