Gurgaon Based Man Offers Himself As Boyfriend On Rent. Shares Crazy Packages For Interested Girls


This Valentines Day is highly anticipated by single people as well as the committed ones. No reason to explain why the couples are waiting for it, but singles are excited because they want to face the challenge i.e. to survive Valentines Day happily.

Also there are many singles who are looking for an opportunity to get mingle finally. They just want to remove the “Forever Alone” tag from their name.

A Gurgaon based guy named Shakul Gupta is just another single but has big plans for Valentines Day. Apparently, he doesn’t just carry his heart on sleeves but has put himself on rent completely. Yes, the guy is now available on rent, in case there’s any single girl looking for a handsome and rich boy this Valentines Day.

Shakul advertised himself openly on Facebook and displayed several packages which can be selected by the interested girls.

He also posted some of his photos and shared his features in text so that girls can judge him well before deciding. Here’s what his post looked like-

Interestingly, Shakul had a colourful Valentines Day even in 2017. He offered a 5-star dinner, a ride in his Audi and an iPhone 7 to the interested girls. He even got the crowd to fund his dinner date and enjoyed the day with 5 girls.

What are your thoughts on it?

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