Guy Kissed A Hot Girl & Run Just For A Prank. People’s Million Dollar Reaction Will Make You Go ROFL


Kiss is one of the best ways to express your love towards someone special and here we are talking about not just your lover or beloved but parents, siblings and friends too. Agree? But how would you feel if an anonymous person kisses you in a public place and then immediately runs away?



Needless to say, you’ll feel awkward and there are maximum chances that you won’t like the act. In fact, it might be objectionable on the part of people present there as well but what if this all is done for the sake of fun and amusement?

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Kiss & Run prank, as Funk You is back with the second part of the prank on the demand of public.

The video features a prankster kissing a girl, who is also a part of the team, and then running away from the spot instantly. Now it’s interesting to watch how people, who were not aware of the fact that it’s a prank, react to the situation!!

Must Watch The Awesome Video:

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