Heart-warming Moment When a Loyal Dog Helps and Pushes a Disabled Woman on a Wheelchair


Dog is truly man’s best friend—and here’s solid proof!

Dogs help humans in many ways. They help in catching bad guys, they protect our homes and our families, and they comfort us whenever we feel down.

As a matter of fact, a lot of dogs are trained to help those who are paralyzed or suffering from a disabling disease. Like in this video, where a motorist saw this dog pushing a disabled woman on a wheelchair! Yes, you read that right. This dog was ‘helping’ his owner by pushing her as they pass through a highway.

Unfortunately, the woman’s name or the location where the video was filmed is still unknown as of this article’s writing.

However, it is an incredible scene and people have been hugely impressed with the dog’s dedication. Watch the heart-warming video below:

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