Hungry Villagers In Borneo Kill Massive 20-Foot Python Then Cook It In A Stir Fry


A huge 20-foot female python and her tiny male partner were killed by hungry villagers in Malaysia just recently. According to reports, the serpents were chopped and cooked in a stir fry.

It all happened in the island of Borneo where residents discovered the pair inside a fallen tree. The group shared that they heard ‘strange noises’ coming from the log and so they came closer to check it out. They used a chainsaw to open the bark and found the couple.

Caught in the act: One massive female python and her small partner were found mating inside a tree.

It took four guys to carry the serpent – and they had to use a pick-up truck for it.

Where did they take it, you ask? Well, as we told you earlier, they brought it to the village to cook and eat it since it is considered a delicacy in the remote region.

The python was big enough to feed the whole town…

… and they were truly happy to see it!

In the region, python meat is often grilled over fire, fried with vegetables in a pan, and then served with rice.

60-year-old Tinsung Ujang, the man who found the serpents, shared:

“I looked down into the hole in the wood and was surprised to see the female mating with a smaller male snake.”

Records show that the massive female python measured only 6 feet shorter than the largest python found in Malaysia.

Tinsung further said:

“We had to split the timber to reach them and it was difficult to remove the snakes because of their size and the position. They were locked together.

“I was even more surprised because I have never seen snakes mating before and never seen a giant python that was more than five meters long like this. The male python was quite small.

“It was an amazing occurrence and I proceeded to shoot the two reptiles because for our community it is an exotic dish that is also our favorite dish.”

The snake meat was chopped and “distributed equally to villagers and nearby farm workers,” said Tinsung.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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