ICC & PCB Tried To Troll Each Other. Finally India Won It By Trolling Pak For Their Biscuit Trophy


Before the start of every tournament, a ceremony is organized in which the trophy that will be awarded to the winner is unveiled. However, the trophy of the TUC cup 2018 gave a lot of material to the online users for creating jokes and memes as it is designed as a huge biscuit.

When the trophy was unveiled, people started trolling PCB for approving the design. Here is the tweet regarding the unveiling ceremony:

The biggest body of cricket, ICC was also not able to stop itself from trolling Pakistan and it posted two photos with the caption, “You Vs the trophy she told you not to worry about.”

Check out the tweet:

Many Pakistani sports journalists got angry with this tweet of ICC as it was difficult for them to believe that the International body is making fun of the trophy.

The Australians were not able to match the Pakistanis and PCB took to Twitter to give a reply to ICC after defeating Australians in the second match and taking a decisive lead in the series.

PCB tweeted,

“Dear @ICC Who cares?

Both are ours! 😜



While Pakistan and ICC were busy trolling each other, there were many Indians who were enjoying trolling Pak for their biscuit trophy. Here are some selected reactions:












What is your take in this regard?

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