Only Indians Can Take These Kind Of Pictures! Check Them Out


There was a time when we had to search for people to click our photos. Whenever we visit any place we had to ask some random guy or girl to take our photo. But with the innovation of front camera, there is no need to look out for people. You can just turn it on and take thousands of pictures with any awkward pose.

Every day we see girls and guys taking pictures with funny faces like pouts or trying-to-look-cute face. When it comes to clicking selfies with funny faces, Indians are on the top, there as well. They are creative and jugaadu even when it comes to clicking pictures because jugaad is in our blood.

You must have seen many funny selfies until now but today we are going to show you some hilarious ones. We bet you won’t be able to control your laughter after seeing these pictures. AND… some pictures might offend you as well so we are sorry for them.

Here are some hilarious pictures that were taken by Indians:

1. Because taking pictures is more important than anything

2. When people start knowing how to click selfies, they just can’t control themselves, anywhere!

3. This guy is not wearing those specs just to impress girls, he knows many things

4. These are the times when you know who your best friend is

5. We have seen many angles of clicking pictures but this one is totally amusing

6. Every person tries to escape traffic police while driving but this guy is different

7. Some people get nervous while encountering such incidents but the case is not the same here

8. Can’t understand his way of expressing sorrow

9. A selfie with death

Aaj kuch toofani krte hain totally suits here! Don’t think anything good happened to him after taking this photo.

10. The day when the world will come to an end, people will be seen clicking such pictures

11. Dead selfie with mom.

Aren’t these selfies totally amazing? Can’t stop laughing!

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