Instagram Model Shares About The Sad Reality Of Social Media Fame


Amanda Lee has millions of followers on Instagram. Each of her posts gain an average of 300,000 to 600,000 likes plus she makes thousands of money for each endorsement.

It’s easy to imagine she’s living the perfect life, right? Well its not exactly like that, according to her.

Amanda Lee is a popular Instagram model.

Source: Amanda Lee/Instagram

Despite the fortune and her stunning good looks, Amanda admitted achieving Instagram fame took a lot of hard work on her part – and she eventually had to pay the price.

In a Cosmopolitan interview, Amanda revealed:

“Once I got all the followers, I re-evaluated things – like, is this really me? For my mental health, I don’t want to get so wrapped up in perfection. I want to be more confident in myself without trying so hard.”

Followers love her for her inspiring fitness posts – and her saucy photos.

Source: Amanda Lee/Instagram

She is totally aware of that and so she added:

“I always wanted to appeal to everyone. but I got seduced by people’s responses and side-tracked trying to maintain this curvy physique and build a sexy brand.”

Like most people, Amanda confessed she spends time before picking what photos to post.

Source: Amanda Lee/Instagram

She uses filters, edits her face and body using a separate app, and then finally makes the upload. “People might think I literally step out, click, and — done! — perfect photo,” she said. “But it’s not like that.”

It’s definitely not easy trying to be perfect.

Source: Amanda Lee/Instagram

Olinda Fields, Amanda’s mother and primary photographer, also shared:

“She still gets anxious. There’s a lot of pressure to keep up with daily posting and people tend to be critical of your looks. She gets overwhelmed. There’s a side of Amanda that no one sees.”

Amanda still feels bad about herself from time to time.

Source: Amanda Lee/Instagram

While she’s happy about all the positive comments, she said:

“I read them and I’m like, ‘That’s great, but it’s about the Instagram Amanda. People don’t know the real me.”

The model also pointed out:

“People might look at me and think, ‘Your body is amazing,’ but I look at other girls’ pages and think, Oh my God, SHE is so perfect!”

Amanda has had breast enhancement and Botox but she clarified her butt is 100% authentic.

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