Jeff Bezos Beats Bill Gates & His Net Worth Is Higher Than What Bill Gates Has Ever Had


Whenever we hear the name of Bill Gates, two things come in our mind – Microsoft and the richest man in the world.

However, Jeff Bezos’ net worth has risen to a level where even Bill Gates didn’t reach ever.

On Monday, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index showed a growth of 57% in the market value of the shares of Amazon which was the result of 12-month surge and this increased the net worth of Jeff Bezos to $105.1 billion.

The shares of Amazon have risen by 6.6% this year as a report shows that the e-commerce giant has acquired 89% of online spending of the US which was done in the duration of five weeks that started a day later of Thanksgiving.

The latest increase in the net worth of Jeff has brought him to a level which is definitely higher than what Bill Gates net worth was in 1999.

Jeff surpassed Bill Gates in October when his net worth reached $93.8 billion and just a month later, he crossed the $100 million mark when the holiday shopping season started.

Jeff Bezos also looks after the working of Washington Post and Blue Origin, the space exploration business.

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