Kagiso Rabada Left Embarrassed After Throwing A Weird Delivery To Maxwell. Watch Video


Kagiso Rabada is a fast bowler on which the South Africa takes pride. There are many batsmen in the world who fear to lose their wickets when he delivers. The variation he provides in every delivery is outstanding and worth high praises.

However, in the recent T20I match against South Africa, Rabada surprised everyone with his weird delivery. Rabada was bowling to Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell when the ball slipped out of his hands and took the flying way. The ball went in completely different direction and left everyone in including the batsmen in splits.

It was declared a d*ad ball by the umpire later. Watch the video yourself-

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Isn’t that hilarious? We just can’t believe how a bowler like Rabada can do this blunder. Even he was left embarrassed after throwing the ball.

It will be surely remembered as one of the most hilarious moments in the cricket history.

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