Kavita Devi Fought Her WWE Match In A Salwaar Kameez And Proved That She’s ‘Dil Se Desi’


No matter how much we talk, the dynamic nature of Indian Naari can never be justified. Words fall short when we talk about how she can change from a homemaker to a business tycoon in seconds. How swiftly can she handle both the kitchen and the keyboard! How effortlessly she can compete with the laundry in the house and the ‘laundas’ in the world outside. This lady is just yet another example of this strong force we are talking about.

Kavita Devi brought home millions of smiles by becoming the first Indian female wrestler to have entered the WWE ring. But that’s not the only thing we are happy about! The female wrestler fought the entire match wearing a Salwar Kameez. Check this picture for the proof:

It also wouldn’t amaze you to know that Kavita has been trained by The Great Khali and hails from the Dangal capital of the country, Haryana.

The match was a part of an event called Mae Young Classic and Kavita was fighting against Dakota Tai. Although the lady may have lost the match, she sure won millions of hearts with her strong ‘Salwaar-Kameez’ stance! You can have a look at the whole video and decide for yourself:

So, Humari Chori, Choro Se Kam Hain Ke?

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