Keeping Wallet In Your Back Pocket Can Be A Real Sign Of Danger. Read How


We often come across several reasons for back pain on the Internet. Back pain is indeed a very common problem among individuals since forever. One form of back pain disorder which most affects people(i.e., 70-80 %) is Sciatica.

Sciatica hits every individual at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of causes for Sciatica including, nerve disorders, muscular tribulations, degenerative disc disease and arthritis etc.

Generally, it starts with pain in the lower back or buttock and continues along the sciatic nerve – down the back of the thigh and into the lower leg and foot.

There are some common causes of back pain stated above. However, there still are some unknown peculiar reasons surrounding Sciatica. The causes include keeping wallet in your back pocket.

It may sound weird but it is true. It is proved scientifically that keeping wallet in the back pocket of your pants can be a real sign of danger. This can further increase the pain in the lower back often leading to a severe case of Sciatica.

It is very common among men to keep their wallet in their back pocket. They are in a habit of keeping it there. While sitting on it while driving, working etc,  it causes problems with the back, muscles, waist, bones, and sometimes even the nervous system.

When we sit with the wallet in our back pocket, we are indirectly forcing the body- especially the spine and pelvis out of the proper posture alignment. It can lead to severe lower back pain.

It not only attacks your spine, twisting it completely but also compresses the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs on each side of the spine down the back of each thigh all the way to the foot.

Moreover, when it is compressed it can cause inflammation, resulting in leg pain and numbness called sciatica. To avoid this, one should never keep their wallet in their back pocket if they drive any vehicle more than half and hour. One should make it a habit to keep one’s wallet in the front pocket.

Regular exercises like stretching to restore alignment and relax tense muscles can be of a great help.

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