Do You Know The Uses Of These 10 Everyday Things?


In the 21st-century, everything is created with the sole aim of making your lives easier, comfortable and swifter. Even the tiniest of inventions are aimed at creating wonders. Your favorite Doraemon also brings these unsurpassable gadgets in the 21st-century.

However, we tend to use things without understanding the true usage. Or sometimes we even pinpoint the futility of a part of an object just because we don’t know their use.

Here we have made a collection of such important everyday things which you use in daily life but aren’t aware of their usage till now-

1. Hole in the caps of pen

While you may think that these holes are manufactured to maintain the pressure balance in the ink, however, these holes are actually used to let the air pass through if someone accidentally swallows it. You are not at the risk of choking because this hole allows the air to pass through.

2. The little pocket in your jeans

Another of the most used everyday things is Jeans. Its history goes back to a very long past. These pockets were stitched for the western cowboys and gold miners especially so that they can keep their pocket watches safely in it.

3. The black hole between the flash and the camera

This black hole is actually a microphone which helps the listener to receive crystal clear voice. The main microphone also captures ambient noise which this microphone subtracts efficiently. Isn’t it great!!

4. The blue part of an eraser

This blue part is used to rub pencil marks from hard surfaces like wall or table. The red portion is for the smooth surfaces.

5. Tabs on the aluminum foil

Just press these tab in to keep the foil from rolling out and creating a mess.

6. The presence of holes in  Apple earphones

Earphones are one of the very frequently used everyday things. These tiny holes allow small amounts of air to pass through between the ear phone and the ear. This, in turn, allows the speaker’s diaphragm to move back and forth, thus transmitting better sound.

7. The headrests in cars

If you detach a headrest, you can actually leverage the metallic part against the window to break it. Always keep this tip in mind.

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